Manufacturer: Universal Instruments Corp
Model: HSP 4796L
Serial #’s: 4796L-0-10032690
Vintage: 2000
Placements: 05,658,463 /
Condition: Good Working, No Missing Parts
PCB Size: MAX 457x508mm, MIN 50x50mm, MAX WIDTH is 5 mm, MIN WIDTH is 0.4 mm
PCB Flow: Left – Right, Front Left Origin
Fixed Rail: Front Fixed
Feeder Inputs: 160 (80+80)
Component Range: 0201 to 1210, Up to 20 mm2 MELF/ SOT/PLCC/QFP/SOIC(wide)/SOIC(narrow)/SOJ/ TSOP
Manu’f Rated cph: 36,000
Power: 200VAC, 50/60Hz, 3phase
Feeders: x25pcs 8x4mm feeders